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For a single pdf containing the application form, statement, appendices 1-3 click here >


The extracts from exhibits (appendix 3 annex 3) are a separate pdf to be printed in colour and then inserted in the above document after Annex 2.†††††††


For the Statement and Appendix indices see


Evidence documents (indices for which are set out in appendix 3 Ė p.328 of ahalljrapp.dpf) are set out in the following pdf books:


BOOK1††††††††† (141 PAGES)†††† 36.9MB†††††††††††† BOOK2†††††††††††††† (118 PAGES)†††††††† 28.4MB††† BOOK3†††† (78 PAGES)†††††† 22.9MB

BOOK4††††††††† (94 PAGES)†††††† 23.8MB††††† ††††††††† BOOK5†††††††††††††† (81 PAGES)†††††††† 22.4MB††† BOOK6-8†† (230 PAGES)†††† 15.3MB

BOOK9 ††††††††† (482 PAGES)†††† 25.7MB


Attorney Generalís late-delivered Decision (passing on HM Revenue & Customsí Directorsí final Decision)


Attorney Generalís email of 30-04-09 setting out why a decision was to be sought from HMRCís Directors Ė page 937 of BOOK9


Information Commissionerís Decisions are at p.808-810, p.878-879 and p.819-820 of BOOK9


These decisions relate to conduct of the Comptroller of Patents; it is contended that the Comptrollerís falsification of the Register on 20-09-04 has prejudiced all decisions made by the Comptroller in respect of the Claimantís rights, title and interests. The Statement of Grounds and Facts show how the falsification came about and how it was covered up.